Shri Mataji's 100th Birthday Celebration

Add Country Event

Many yogis have asked why do we as a family work in isolation and are not aware of what events our brothers and sisters are holding or promoting in different parts of the world.

Shri Mataji’s 100th Birthday has given us the opportunity to keep each other informed and enable us to support each other, get inspired by each other and together tell the world about Shri Mataji.

In the lead up to Our Holy Mother’s 100th Birthday various countries are planning many events, such as pujas, music and art festivals, public programmes, exhibitions etc etc.

Please post all your country events on the website, we hope it will give a real feeling of what is going on in our Shaja world and we can be involved and share your enjoyment and excitement.

It is easy to post an event, so please follow the format but if there are any difficulties, please contact us at [email protected]