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Short course on Video Presentation for YouTube / Zoom

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    Hi there everyone.

    What would be really good would be if someone who knows about Video Presentation could put a short course together for people who are new or fairly new to this subject.

    Given all the attention now for Programs and Self-Realisation on YouTube / Zoom.

    A few ideas for this course are outlined below:

    Minimum PC / Laptop specifications for doing this and Minimum Internet Speed requirements:
    So that people know right from the start whether they can achieve this goal or not.

    What audio / video equipment is required for this, equipment brand recommendations and prices for each:
    For High-end / Good Video and Audio Quality;
    For Reasonable Video and Audio Quality.
    So that the person deciding to do this project, can choose what would best suit them.
    (Not everyone can afford high-end equipment.)

    How to make your content interesting and capture attention from the start:
    Using common sense approach – Avoid using a monotone voice on video.
    Present the content naturally – Like you are talking to your best friends.
    Any other ideas on how to present Self-Realisation content here would be good.

    * The basics of Video and Audio Live Streaming:

    What are some of the programs required to live stream video:
    What are the features of each program being recommended by you and how do these features benefit streaming?
    How much do they cost? … If not free? Some good examples here are:
    Videolinq (Paid)
    Restream (Paid)
    Wirecast (Paid) vs
    Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio (Free)

    * The basics of Recording video to your PC / Laptop. In order to edit this and upload it for streaming later:

    What are good quality programs for Recording and Editing Video?
    What are the Minimum System Requirements for each of these programs?
    Can you add titles / background music to the video with this program?
    What are the features of each of them and how can people best use these for video editing?
    What are the prices of these video editing programs … if not free?
    A good example here is Adobe Premiere ($$$) vs Filmora Video Editor (Free)
    But you really do get what you pay for 😀


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