Shri Mataji's 100th Birthday Celebration

Introducing a New Documentary – Sahaja Yoga

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Introducing a New Documentary – Sahaja Yoga : The path of awakening, a Tribute to H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on her 100th Anniversary

The Documentary is finally here! ??

Dear brothers and sisters, with a heart full of joy and excitement, we are so glad to announce that you can finally watch the documentary – Sahaja Yoga: The path of awakening on Youtube through this link: ?

“ Shri Mataji, this is a present ? from a few yogis from the Brazilian collective for your 100th Birthday. You have given us so much and continue to do so. So this is a small gift ? from us for you. You always tell us the importance of spreading Sahaja Yoga and that it should be the main focus for us yogis. This documentary is inspired on this very vision.
We love you mother. Happy Birthday! ?? ? “

We hope this inspires anyone who watches it, and that it can be used by collectives all over the world ? to spread Sahaja Yoga and help seekers understand about its depth.
We have the subtitles ? in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & French, so far.

If you have the desire to have the translation in your language, or have any other message, do contact us via Email or WhatsApp:
[email protected]

@MeditacaoOnlineBR –

@SahajaYogaforLife –

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