Shri Mataji's 100th Birthday Celebration

Meditate Anytime – A global realization project (USA)

Published by admin on will give every human being the opportunity to effortlessly experience meditation, from the comfort of their homes, offices, nature.
Anyone. Anywhere.¬†Anytime. An initiative to offer multiple instructor-led 30 minute guided meditation sessions throughout the day in different time zones. Yogis from US and other parts of the world are involved in this project of offering these sessions, currently in the 7-day series format in different themes as an offering to Shri Mataji’s Centenary Birthday Celebrations. “Spring Into Well-being” and “Rejuvenate From Within” were two series that were offered for March and April 2022. We will continue to offer these series throughout the year with the mission to give the seekers the gift of self-realization and bring them to Our Mother’s Lotus Feet.
Link to the YouTube channel: An initiative offering many SY instructor led 30 minute guided meditation sessions daily.
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