Shri Mataji's 100th Birthday Celebration

Sahaja Yoga in Russia

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Jai Shri Mataji dear brothers and sisters!

We would like to share our work on spreading Sahaja Yoga in Russia.

Despite the difficult situation in our country, Sahaja Yoga is spreading very well, even better than it was before.

We have different projects. 

Programs for given self-realizations:

–  different exhibitions, fairs;

–  sanatoriums, rehabilitation centres, including for children, orphanages;

–  programs in parks;

–  programs in libraries;

–  SY office working 365 days at the permanent Exhibition of Achievements of the National economy in Moscow.

There was an exhibition «India’s days” in Moscow 11.08.2022-14.08.2022. More than 1500 people got their self-realization for 4 days. 

The video with the small description at the end in English 


Programs with English subtitles in Saint Petersburg 


Programs for beginners:

After the pandemic, we’ve started a new very successful project in yoga clubs.

Yoga clubs are very popular in Russia now. And it’s a very good way for us to spread Sahaja Yoga. Young people are feeling very free, relaxed and open to come to Sahaja yoga there. There are 10-30 seekers each program.

We run programs in a traditional style with Mother’s Portrait, candles and incense. Additionally, we’ve been getting a very good rent price at these clubs.

Usually, we rent rooms in deferent yoga clubs for 2 hours several days a week.

 To attract the seekers, we involved loyal bloggers on Instagram and other platforms of clubs and social groups. Also, Instagram advertising worked very well. But now, unfortunately, this option is not available in our country, because our government has banned Instagram. And we’re browsing it through VPN. Also, we use other platforms. 

 When new seekers attend many classes, we invite them to the ashram to deepen their spiritual development and to involve them in Sahaj collectivity for 1-2 days. We teach them different methods of cleaning, cooking with them, sing bhajans and etc.

 Now the yoga clubs project has reached many cites of Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Voronezh, Rostov, Sakhalin, Novosibirsk.

Along with these programs Russian yogis have started programs in Estonia, Azerbaijan and Finland.    

We will send the presentation of the project with yoga clubs a bit later. And also we will prepare other videos from other programs if it needs.

From Russia with love to all! 

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