Shri Mataji's 100th Birthday Celebration

Vertical Growth

Vertical Growth

Vertical growth is the process of achieving, pushing ourselves and ambition. This type of development is characterized by facing challenges, struggle, pressure and pain.

Shri Mataji’s Messages

  • Vision
  • Goal
  • Objective

Collectively assist each other to grow deeper in our spiritual awareness getting inspiration from HH Shri Mataji’s speeches and direct guidance.

Start a journey of introspection, meditation, cleansing, and spiritual growth to be ready to truly celebrate HH Shri Mataji’s 100th Birthday in a state of Nirvikalpa, Ananya bhakti, with knowledge of the Self (Atma) and clean and pure state of meditation, heartily recognising the great Advent of HH Shri Mataji’s Divine incarnation.

Rise and Shine as Real Nirmalite

  • Individually Imbibe the knowledge of the self (Atma) and the subtle system.
  • Experience the vibrations (Chaitanya) and state of Self Realization ( Sat-Chitta-ananda) with help of others and collective work out.
  • Research on Shri Mataji’s Speeches and direct guidance on different subject matter to reach the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (Doubtless awareness) and Pure (catch less state) to establish attention in Sahasrara.
  • En-masse movement (Samasthi) to collectively reach high spiritual heights.
  • Share Sahaja Yoga Growth Best Practices (Cleansing, Treatments, Five elements, Protocol, Collective Meditation etc).

Nirmal Dhyana

But once you (will) know what meditation is, how you enjoy My company, how you are one  with Me, how we can have a rapport with each other, there is no need to have anything else in between like writing letters or maybe..

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Nirmal Chitta

Wherever you put your attention, that works out. When you are realized then your attention is realized. Wherever you put your attention it works like a spade, it works like a sword, it works like a loving hand, it works…

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Nirvichara Samadhi – Thoughtless Awareness

Nirvichara- Thoughtless awarenessNirvichara- Thoughtless awarenessNirvichara- Thoughtless awareness“ So the first thing is Nirvichara  Samadhi. With Nirvichara Samadhi when it…

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Nirvikalpa Samadhi – Doubtless Awareness:

“So once you reach that point you can say now you are in Nirvikalpa because there is no Vikalpa, there is no doubt in your head. Because you love, in love you don’t doubt, no question. Only when you…

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