Shri Mataji's 100th Birthday Celebration

Workplace Realizations

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Shri Mataji gave guidance on giving Realization in corporations since the 1980s, culminating with a one-hour session dedicated to enlightening the business world at the Castle on August 1, 2007. “They have nice buildings but they don’t have light. You are responsible to give them the light.”  She gave us one of the strongest encouragements we ever heard Her give, urging us to expand throughout the world. “God has put you in your positions. Christ could not have met the whole world, but you can”, She said. “You don’t know what powers stand behind you.” She also gave us direction on how to present meditation specifically in a workplace setting.

Based on Shri Mataji’s direct guidance, we started a nonprofit organization ( which has grown to include Yogis from 44 countries, with tens of thousands of employees on all continents receiving their enlightenment. More recently, 1600+ US-based Infosys employees got their Realization, with attendance now ranging from 250-300+ at every session (many of them returning participants); we hope this will grow to 2100+ Realizations by the 100th Anniversary of our Divine Mother’s Birthday. The slide decks used in these programs (with self-explanatory speaker Notes under each slide) are ready to use by any Sahaja Yogi wishing to teach meditation at their workplace, and can be downloaded at

For more information contact Calin Costian.

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