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Global Online Meditation

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What is Global online meditation?

  • Started back in 2018 with an agenda to establish seekers in Sahaja Yoga via online medium.
  • Sessions led on zoom and streamed on Facebook.
  • Not geography bound.
  • Seekers at all levels are welcome. Make use of zoom breakout rooms to run sessions in parallel for seekers at beginner and intermediate level.
  • Maintain meetups all over the world, 13k+ membered onlinemeditation facebook group, E-mail database.
  • Automations for promotions (event creation), reporting and bulk emailing.
  • Resources shared globally across all sessions.
  • Over 100 yogis working together from different parts of the world.
  • Gather feedback from the leads/yogis/seekers for continues improvement.

Program Goals

  • System to support seekers complete the journey and practice SY online.
  • Increase geographical reach. Cover cities with no center.
  • Support all other Sahaja initiatives through promotion, resources, best practices, finances and manpower.
  • Create opportunity for yogis to contribute, especially for those who live far from Sahaj collective.

Seeker Journey

  • First 2 weeks – New seekers continue in main zoom session. Same time seekers join WhatsApp group where they get notifications/messages about Sahaj.
  • Next 10 weeks – They will be moved to breakout room (side room) where they skip introduction and learn more about Sahaj.
  • Next 12 weeks – Intermediate & workshop sessions on separate zoom meeting. For seekers who are ready, Shri Mataji’s photo is offered. Mail the photo to their address so that they can setup small Altar.
  • Involve them in integrated/vibration exchange workshops.
  • When they are ready, invite them to music, havan and Pujas.
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